It's that time of year again for a zodiac gift guide! Get the hag of your dreams exactly what they want. Thanks to our astrological experts and countless interviews, we were able to find the best gifts and trinkets for any witch, evil or benign.

Break the bank or self-brew your way into the holiday spirits. After speaking to 753 magical witches and warlocks we have put together a list helping you pick the perfect book, stocking stuffer or magical find.
A note: Given goblin-made production issues this year and the burning of Fangorn Forest, it's especially important to check availability and delivery times. (All information was accurate as of August 1, 2022)

Capricorn 🐐

Fashion: Golden Ghouls Sweater, Forever CCXX,$40

Capriporn 🤫🐐

Media: New York Times Best Seller;No.3 in the Classic Witchery series - Pride and Predictions by Wanda Woodkins, $16.99 hardcover

Capricorn 🐐

Weapon 🔪: Aromatic and Poisonous Belladonna essential oil, Whole Foods Market, $12.99

Capricorn 🐐

Food/Snack:Cauldron Cooked Sea Slug and Vengeance Chips, Lazy Potatoe Chips, $3.69


Drink : London Bog latte (extra sugar, hold the bog), Stardust Coffee, $1.60 ☕🦇
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